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If you visit to Kansai, Kyoto is the one of the place which you better to go.It takes about 1 hour from Osaka. Kyoto had been Japanese capital, and prospersed more than 1000 years. Kyoto's traditional culture as we can say orijinal of Japanese culture have been developing of court culture,pious culture, and culture of local leaders. There is succsessors to representative of tea ceremony, the art of flower arrangement, and keeping the capital, and they hold a lot of cultural events still now. Sightseeing in Kyoto will be special experience for you. Also, there is 17 of shrines and temples which registered world heritage of UNESO., and buddhist the head temple. Those kind of beautiful nature are welcome for your visiting. Especially Kiyomizu temple, and Gion in Higashiyama area are famous place, also Arashiyama is convinience to go from central of Kyoto city. There has seasonal beautiful mountains, forest, bamboothicket, anicient temple, traditional Japanese dry landscape garden.Please feel the taste of ancient city from Osaka to Kyoto.



By Hankyu


By Keihan


By Kintetsu


World heritage of Kyoto

Go to Kiyomizudera Temple


Go to Byodouinn


Go to Shimogamo Shrine


Sightseeing spot of Kyoto

Recommended ticket to tour through KYOTO

Special Planned Ticket (Kyoto Tango Railway)