Dojima/Kitashinchi (Dojima Yakushido)
17th Setsubun Omizukumi Festival 0

The city comes alive for Dojima's Setsubun festival. A "demon chasing" event that dates back to the Edo era, a dragon procession, geisha offering dances, and other events are scheduled to take place around the Dojima and Kitashinchi areas.

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Every Setsubun, Dojima Yakushido holds a Setsubun service with an omizukumi or "water drawing" ritual.
At night, Buddhist cedar "goma" sticks are lit on fire to pray for sound health.
The local Dojima Yakushido Temple association has been holding onioi or "demon chasing" events since the Edo period.
Dojima and Kitashinchi display their traditions with Setsubun obake performances.
"Obake" is the tradition of dressing up as a demon and heading out to the streets of the entertainment district at night. On this day, Kitashinchi is filled with revelers dressed in costumes.Yakushido releases seven demons, and Benzaiten, the temple's deity, transforms into a dragon to parade through the streets of Dojima and Kitashinchi.
The festival also includes a tradition of receiving pure water in the early spring to ward off evil for the year and bestow blessings, a lovely festival tradition fitting for the water capital, Osaka.

Omizukumi service and handing out of bamboo charms
15:00 - 20:00     Dojima Avanza floor 1, area in front of Dojima Yakushido

Kitashinchi - Geisha offering dance (obake gathering)
 17:30 -     Dojima Avanza floor 1 special event area

Demon chase
14:30 -     Dojima Nishi area (west side of Yostsubashi-suji street)
18:15 -     Dojima and Kitashinchi

Dragon procession
18:30 -     Dojima Kami-dori, Eiraku-dori, and Shinchihon-dori areas

  • Place

    Dojima Avanza area through Kitashinchi
  • Location

    1-6-20 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka
  • Schedule

    February 3 ,2020
    *Times vary depending on the program.
  • Price

    Free for spectators
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