Nose Myokenzan (Official Name: Nose Myokenzan, External Buddha Halls, Murosan Shinnyo-ji Temple) 0

A holy site in Nichiren Buddhism with 1,200 years of history, this temple is believed to have been constructed by the historical priest Gyoki. It reveres the bodhisattva Myoken, the deification of the north star that rules over good fortune and art. The location also offers a view of Osaka Harbor on clear days.

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  • open

    9:00 - 17:00
    *Winter season 9:00 - 16:30
  • holiday

    No designated days closed

Mt. Myoken is a renowned tourist destination for the Nose area. Located atop its peak at an elevation of 660 meters is a Nichiren Buddhist temple. The temple was first constructed by the priest Gyoki, and the bodhisattva Myoken was enshrined afterwards by the ancestors of the prominent Minamoto clan. Mt. Myoken, or "Nose no Myoken-san," became widely beloved in the Edo period for its clearly-miraculous atmosphere, and drew worshippers from across the nation to the point that it became a topic of popular rakugo comedies. The bodhisattva Myoken is the deification of the north star, and has ties to good fortune. Myoken is also deeply revered as the deity of the arts for its meaning as "beautiful form" in Chinese characters, and the purification hall receives visits from prominent kabuki actors. Washing one's hands with the purifying waters is also said to enhance beauty. The temple hosts numerous events, and is beautiful throughout the seasons with its cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, autumn foliage, and snowy vistas.

  • address

    661 Nomanaka, Nose-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka, 563-0132
  • transport

    Go to the Myoken cable car boarding point by bus or on foot from Myokenguchi Station on the Nose Railway via transfer at Kawanishi-noseguchi Station on the Hankyu Line; take the Myoken cable lift up the mountain
    Please visit the following website when visiting by car. (There are approximately 500 spaces available.)
  • prices

    Admission: free
    Prayer/Memorial: from ¥3,000
    Shuin (red seal): ¥300
    Shakyo/Shabutsu (sutra tracing): ¥2,000
    Mini shakyo (longevity, healing, health, marriage): ¥1,000
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  • general participation

    Toshi-hajime Kito prayer, Ohitaki-sai fire festival, Yama-no-Hi Mountain Day festival, etc. See the above site for more details.
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