Takenouchi Road History Museum 0

Museum that introduce the history about the oldest national highway in Japan・Takenouchi-kaido road.

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    9:30 - 17:00 (admissions close 16:30)
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    Mondays (Open during national holidays), 12/28 - 1/4

Takenouchi-kaido road was made in Asuka period. The oldest national highway in Japan was expanded to entire length about 30 km to connect Sakai, Nara, and Taimacho. Originally the way was to mine sanukite that has been the material of stone tools at Mt. Futakamisan. In Suiko '21 (613), it has been maintained as a government road to connect from Namba's harbor to Asuka's capital. Later, delegate from foreign culture and foreign, such as Buddhism came to the capital through this highway. After the capital moved to Heijokyo of Nara in 710, there was used by people who going to Kaminotaishi which prince Shotoku sleeps because of receive the growing faith Prince Shotoku. Also there was used as the economic way to connect corporate town,・Sakai, and Yamato in the end of medieval ages, and the way was as temples and shrines pilgrimage for ordinary people for Saigoku tour in Edo period. It has changed the role with the times. The name of Takenouchi-kaido was named when Takeuchi pass had large renovation in Meiji period, and even now, a lot of people come and go. This Takeuchi highway history museum introduce of Takeuchi highway and Taishicho's history and folk material which is divided to four of the times and themes, such as, ancient"Road of stone", "The oldest road-Daido"in Asuka period, "Taishi faith of the road"later, and "Road of common people". There are displays of video with multi-vision, stone implement, unglazed earthenware, Prince Shotoku's picture and Buddhist statue.

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    〒 583-0992 1855 Oazayamada, Taishi-cho, Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka
  • Directions

    15-minute walk from Rokumaebashi bus stop via Kongo Bus; board bus from Kaminotaishi Station on the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line or Kishi Station on the Kintetsu Nagano Line
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    General admissions ¥200, university and high school students ¥100, elementary and middle school students ¥50
    *Admission fees vary during special exhibit periods
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