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Higashiosaka City Folk Museum

Experience 20,000 years of Kawachi Province history! The rich collection of documents on display at this museum shows us the lives of everyday people across the ages.

Basic information

The foothills of Mount Ikoma are home to 230 tumulus tombs, with the Higashiosaka City Folk Museum located among the Yamahata group of burial mounds. Here at the museum, you'll learn about how the people of Kawachi Province (the area around modern-day Higashiosaka) lived, seeing their lives across 20,000 years up into the Showa era (1926–1989). The smaller exhibition room has stone tools and earthenware items used during the Paleolithic and Yayoi periods. Over in the larger exhibition room are displays of terracotta haniwa figurines and ornaments from the Kofun period as well as a variety of folk culture materials selected from the tens of thousands of items kept at the museum. These items include everything from the tools used in harvesting and preparing Kawachi cotton (a regional specialty) to articles of everyday life kindly donated by local citizens. Also available for viewing on the museum grounds is the Yamahata 22 passage-grave style stone burial chamber, set into a rounded tumulus tomb 15 meters in diameter.

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    〒 579-8052 18-12 Kamishijomachi, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka
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    General admission ¥50, students 15+ ¥30, children 14 and under ¥20
    *Special exhibits may require an extra fee
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    20-minute walk east from the east exit of Hyotan-yama Station on the Kintetsu Nara Line
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