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Takomasa: Takoyaki and akashiyaki

Takomasa's popular takoyaki is tender on the inside and is flavored with soy sauce prepared to a secret recipe.

Basic information

Takomasa, which became a household name with its ubiquitous TV ad that chants "Take me with you when you leave Osaka," hand-grills its takoyaki one by one. Made using well-matured soy sauce and carefully selected ingredients, the takoyaki are so light you feel you could eat unlimited quantities. Variations include negi-takoyaki (with leeks) and akashiyaki (which is dipped in broth). Takomasa's main branch at Dotombori offers "takoyaki taiken gakushu (hands-on takoyaki experience)" (by reservation and at ¥1,500 per person) for those who wish to try their hands at takoyaki making.

  • Location

    〒 542-0071 1-4-15 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka
  • Tel

    (Net Shopping) 0120-18-0838 (Dotonbori Main Store) 06-6212-3363
  • Closed

  • Open

    10:00 - 21:00
  • Directions

    7-minute walk from Namba Station on all Osaka Metro and Kintetsu lines
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