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Tourist Attractions and Experiences

Ushitaki Hot Spring Iyoyakanosato

The resort takes full advantage of the Katsuragi mountain system's natural assets, with ample outdoor leisure facilities and spas spread across a 39,600 sq. m area.

Basic information

Guests can enjoy everything the natural beauty Mt. Katsuragi has to offer, from outdoor activities to hot springs, at Ushitaki Onsen Hot Springs, Iyoyaka no Sato. "Iyoyaka" refers to the medieval Japanese reading of the character for "forest." In ancient times, people respected and lived in harmony with nature. The facility was constructed on 40,000m2 of lush, green, Mt. Katsuragi terrain with the goal of bringing people back to that harmonious way of living. A famous hot spring, likened to "feathers of water" for its silky texture, gushes forth from 70 million years old Cretaceous period bedrock, 1,645 meters below the surface.In addition to Japanese and Western style rooms, guests have the option of staying in a rustic cottage. Plus, there's a wide variety of other facilities: camping and barbeque sites, as well as a restaurant that serves seasonal delicacies.Ushitaki Onsen Hot Springs, Iyoyaka no Sato is popular as a facility which allows guests to experience the bounties of nature.

  • Location

    〒 596-0114 1156 Osawacho, Kishiwada-shi, Osaka
  • Fax

  • Tel

  • Closed

    Maintenance day (twice a year)
  • Open

    7:00 - 22:00 (admissions close 21:30)
  • Price

    Adults ¥750
    Children ¥350
    *Lodging and two meals at Seseragiso: ¥14,850+
    Cottage at Seseragiso ¥24,200+ (room capacity is up to 5 persons)
  • Directions

    Board a Nankai bus for Ushitakiyama at Kishiwada Station on the Nankai Line or Kumeda Station on the JR Hanwa Line; disembark at Ushitaki-Onsen Seseragiso-mae bus stop
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  • Restaurant Available
  • Parking Available
  • Barrier Free

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