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Discover Kansai


Nara was the first permanent capital of Japan starting in the year 710. Even today, this ancient capital, with its many magnificent temples and shrines, feels stately. Visitors also come here to enjoy the many deer that wander Nara Park, located in the city center. Don’t miss Todaiji, a Buddhist temple and the world’s largest wooden building, or Kasuga Taisha Shrine, an atmospheric red and white shrine, close by. Use KINTETSU RAIL PASS to travel to the ancient capital of Nara, or the holy shrine complex of Ise-jingu.

The Kansai region is a great home base to explore a wide range of sites while visiting Japan. There’s everything from major cities like Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe, to historical sites as well as astounding natural wonders.
Depending on where you want to travel within Kansai, there are a variety of cost-effective, easy and efficient transport passes available. Use KINTETSU RAIL PASS to travel to the ancient capital of Nara, or the holy shrine complex of Ise-jingu.

Ise-jingu Shrine

Ise-jingu Shrine is a shrine complex made up of the holiest shrines in the Shinto religion. Rebuilt every twenty years for purity, these shrines are said to be built in the exact same style and method since their inception. Here, visitors can enjoy both the Geku (outer shrine) and the Naiku (inner shrine) as well as the beautiful wooded environs.

Ago Bay

There are more than 50 islands of varying sizes floating in the Ago bay, which is easily accessible using your KINTETSU RAIL PASS from Ise-jingu Shrine. The reflections of these islands on the sea surface create a landscape with a lot of atmosphere. During your journey to Ago Bay, do not miss visiting the woman divers’ huts to eat fresh seafood.


Using the variety of passes that Kintetsu Railways has to offer, visitors can take full advantage of all the possibilities for travel around Kansai. For trips Kyoto, Nara, and Mie, from Osaka or Nagoya, use the KINTETSU RAIL PASS 1day or the KINTETSU RAIL PASS 2day (1,500 yen or 2,500 yen, respectively) to see all the sites with ease.

If you want to focus on Nara from Osaka to see Nara Station area like Kasuga-taisha Shrine and Todaiji Temple, and Nishinokyo Station area like Takushi-ji Temple and Toshodaiji, getting the KINTETSU RAIL PASS 1day makes your trip very simple and convenient only for 1,500 yen. Or if you want to extend your journey to discover the cherry blossoms sites like Mt. Yoshino or Asuka area, the KINTETSU RAIL PASS 2day (2,500 yen) is more useful.

For trips including Ise-Shima area take advantage of the KINTETSU RAIL PASS and the KINTETSU RAIL PASS plus. The KINTETSU RAIL PASS allows visitors unlimited access to all Kintetsu railway trains and Iga railway trains. This allows for unparalleled access between Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and the Ise-shima area for five days at just 3,600 yen (3,800 if purchased in Japan). At 4,800 yen (5,000 yen in Japan), The KINTETSU RAIL PASS plus allows unlimited train travel as well as bus travel in Nara, Ise-shima and Yunomiya. This pass is exceptionally useful, because you can use it to visit Ise-shima, Nara, Kyoto as well as Iga Ueno, a town famous for Ninja. In addition, because you can go to Nagoya on this pass, if you plan on visiting Tokyo after your trip in Kansai, this pass is very efficient. All passes can be purchased online via the Kintetsu website, or at a number of locations within the Kansai area, including the Kansai Tourist Information Center at Kansai International Airport.


For more details on the various Kintetsu Railway travel passes, check out the details! Have a great journey and enjoy discovering the Kansai area!

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