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Discover Kansai

Discover Kansai by Train Destination KOBE

A video series focused on the must see spots and best experiences in the Kansai region of Japan by utilizing the convenience of the various train lines. In this episode, the host Katsura Fukuryu will travel to Kobe city by using the Hanshin railway. Starting by touring Japanese Sake breweries and drinking some of the best Sake around, he then travels to Harborland to see the beautiful nighttime scenery there.

Hanshin's PASSES

Passes can be purchased at the Kansai Tourist Information Center at Kansai International Airport, or at a number of locations in Osaka. Have a great journey and enjoy discovering the Kansai area!
(This article was written based on interviews conducted in 2019. Please note that some information may have changed since then. )

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