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Discover Kansai


The Kansai region is a great home base to explore a wide range of sites while visiting Japan. There’s everything from major cities like Osaka, to historical and cultural sites.
Depending on where you want to travel within Kansai, there are a variety of cost-effective, easy and efficient transport passes available. Use the NANKAI ALL LINE 2day Pass to visit the holy mountain of Mt. Koya, and the charming fishing village of Kada.

Mt. Koya

Mt. Koya, often called Koyasan, is the birthplace of Shingon Buddhism and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. The small village atop the mountain has been a sacred place for 1,200 years, and is made up of some 100 temples, including Kobunji Temple, the head temple of Shingon Buddhism. Another highlight is the Okunoin cemetery—a 2 kilometer long cemetery located in an ancient cedar forest and made up of some 200,000 graves. Visitors can also experience life in a temple, with Shukubo, temple stay at Koyasan complete with Shojin-ryori, Buddhist vegan monk food.


Visitors can also use the NANKAI ALL LINE 2day Pass to travel to Kada, a historic fishing village with beautiful views of the ocean and atmospheric shrines. In Kada, visit Awashima-jinja Shrine, a shrine known for its Hina-nagashi festival, where dolls are pushed out into the sea on boats, which takes place every year on March 3. On all other days of the year, this shrine features many beautiful dolls and it is a place where visitors, especially women, can pray for health and good luck. Afterwards, enjoy gorgeous natural vistas at this westernmost point of Wakayama Prefecture.


The NANKAI ALL LINE 2day Pass allows visitors to take unlimited rides on all Nankai Railway train lines. This means visitors can use this pass to travel all the way from Koyasan to Kada to Osaka. And because the two-day pass does not need to be used on two consecutive days, this pass offers ultimate flexibility and ease. Passes cost 2,000 yen if purchased in advance online before your trip, or 2,100 yen if purchased on the day. Passes can be purchased at Kansai Tourist Information Centers in Kansai International Airport, Kyoto Tower, Daimaru Shinsaibashi and at Bic Camera in Namba, Osaka. Passes can also be purchased on the day at a number of Nankai train stations.

For more details on the NANKAI ALL LINE 2day Pass, please check out the Nankai Railways website!

Also, Nankai railways offers another useful train pass, the KOYASAN-World Heritage Ticket which includes the bus ride in Mt. Koya area and some discounts at the site. As the train line between Koyasanshita Station and Gokurakujibashi Station is closed due to the heavy rain storm and typhoon that hit in 2017, currently the substitute bus service is available between Hashimoto Station and Koyasan. Because of this, the super express train Koya which connects Mt. Koya from Osaka directly doesn’t operate for now, so please check out the latest information at here!


Please check out the latest information from here. Have a great journey and enjoy discovering the Kansai area!

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