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【MOVIE -Kansai Education Trip-】

Student Trips & School Visit Programs

Osaka is a hub of international interaction bustling with unique character. The city offers you the opportunity to make your school trip a memorable one.


Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau aims to make educational travel a meaningful experience for the children participating by coordinating with us to identify local schools available to interact with traveling parties.


1.Travel safety
2.Historical cities surrounded by (Kyoto, Nara of UNESCO World Heritage)
3.Variety of tourist spots
4.Variety of accommodations
Osaka offers the right interaction and experiences to develop truly international young adults. Coming together to talk, play sports and share in a range of traditional Japanese activities are very effective ways of promoting international understanding. Learning and working together helps students build close ties and share enthusiasm. Osaka is proud to offer the right forum for students to communicate with each other.

About the Osaka B&S(Brothers&Sisters)Programme

The Osaka B&S Programme is designed especially for students coming to Osaka as part of school trips! School-aged students are grouped up with both Japanese and international university students who become their own personal guides, taking them under their wings as if they were there very own older ‘Brothers & Sisters’! With a variety of fantastic experiences along the way, students get to explore and discover some of Osaka’s most well-known locations including Osaka Castle, Dotonbori, and Sakai.
The Osaka B&S Programme is hands-on! Through the programme, students can not only learn about Osaka’s history and culture, but experience it for themselves as they walk Osaka’s streets, meet Osaka’s people, try Osaka’s delicious food, and much more! We have no doubt that this unforgettable, deep learning experience will inspire students to want to study in Osaka, working in Osaka, and visit Osaka time and time again in the future. During the programme, middle-and-high-school students of groups of 6 to 8 are accompanied by a Japanese or international university student. This student guide will lead the their group using public transport and on foot to a variety of tourist spots and sights, introducing the many different wonders Osaka has to offer on the way.

Price: ¥2,600* (tax not included)

Duration: Up to 5 hours

Reservations for this programme are available from the 14th of December 2020. The programme will officially begin in May 2021.

*The price of transport, food, and entrance fees are not included.

■Contact Information for Tourist Companies and Educational Bodies
Osaka B&S Programme Head Office (Located in JTB Corporation Educational Tours Osaka Office)

TEL:+81-6-6252-2829 9:30~17:30 (Excluding Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays)
■The Osaka B&S Programme is a joint effort between JTB Corporation, the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, and the Osaka Global Student Support Association.

Visit to university/vocational school for studying abroad

Osaka has not only universities which offer various fields of academic study but also vocational schools called “Senmon Gakkou”. Senmon Gakkou is a higher educational institution and gives you practical vocational education. Many international students study hard in Senmon Gakkou for their future. Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau helps international students and overseas schools that consider studying in Osaka find schools for their campus/school tours and briefing sessions. Please feel free to contact us any time. (We receive requests by the school.)

Reasons why Osaka is recommended for the destination to study abroad
・Osaka is a big city with Kansai International Airport, and yet, it is an international and friendly city. Osaka won third place in the Most Livable Cities in the world 2018*. It is said to be lower on living expenses than the other big cities in Japan. There are many part time job opportunities. Many schools and universities have persons or departments which support international students. *The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU) 2018

・Starting with World EXPO 2025, a lot of international conferences and events will be held in Osaka. Thus, many international students are expected to play active parts in various scenes in the future.

・Osaka is close to Kyoto and Nara. Its own culture is rich and it still remains. Osaka is also full of various charms such as pop culture including cartoons, animation films and games and a wide range of food culture from Kappo (Japanese cuisine) and Ramen.
Your life in Osaka must be fun!

About vocational schools in Osaka

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