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Gaudy Glico signboard in primary colors, huge moving crab, amusement area in red light and blue light....... Osaka Minami, filled with laughter, humanity, and food, in the old days and today, shows its many faces when you walk along. Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kitsune udon noodles. You can laugh aloud and feel good. Feel like a celebrity at brand shops. Pay respects to Mizukake Fudo, relax in the garden at Namba Parks. Enjoy yourself any way you want. Eat up MINAMI with Fullness x Excitement x Freedom three times more!

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    North-south Mido-suji and east-west Nagahori-dori Street. At the intersection, world-famous brand direct operated shops are lined up: Chanel, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, etc. Many of the shops are the largest branch in Japan. It is crowded with overseas tourists also, in addition to Osaka natives every day. In addition to the shops along the street, there are lots of brand shops in department stores such as Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store. Nice to buy, nice to look at. Nice feeling of petite celebrity.


    Fashion and Culture dispatching base for the ardent youth. Turn west at Mido-suji, and there is America-Mura, lined with used clothing and imported goods stores. A multi-purpose shopping building "Big Step" where live shows and movies are also on offer. Traditional multi-tenant buildings have lots of unique shops, too. The whole area is artistic and energetic with fashionable youth striding down the street, pictures on the wall of buildings, objects at the corners, etc. Take a walk around in an exploring mood.

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    Tachibana-dori, traditionally famous for furniture, has transformed to a trend base of Minami by young owners! While traditional furniture shops of artisan spirit preserve the reputation of establishment, casual furniture shops, goods stores, stylish boutiques and cafés open up one after another. It attracts attention as an exciting street with a mix of old and new. Located in the west end of Minami, also called "Horie", dotted with cool shops and restaurants. A town for adults to enjoy and have fun.

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    4-9-21, Nippombashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
    12:00-19:00 Holiday Wednesday

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    Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street with a history from the Edo period. Lots of business in books, koto and shamisen musical instruments, and kimono in modern times. Western clothing shops opened soon after the Meiji Restoration. Trendy people gave the name Shin-bura to the walk along the Shinsaibashi-suji. It is so chic. The South terminal of the shopping street is Ebisubashi. It used to be crowded with worshippers of Imamiya Ebisu and Dotombori theater-goers. Now it is filled with young people. Say 'cheese' in front of the familiar Glico signboard! The sight of neon signs reflected on the river is another facet of Osaka beauty.

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    Hozenji with quiet old Osaka atmosphere in the flourishing Minami. Go through the gate with "Hozenji Yokocho" written on it, and walk on the stone paved lane to find the Mizukake Fudo with a scent of incense. Fudo is covered with green moss due the water constantly poured on him by faithful worshippers. You can see the depth of faith and history. This alley filled with small restaurants and bars was portrayed in the novel "Meoto Zenzai (Bravo for the couple)" by Sakunosuke Oda, and in a hit song of the past "Hozenji Yokocho under the Moon" beginning with the lyric "A knife, wrapped with cotton cloth,". There's a monument to the song in the alley.


    You cannot miss the live shows of the Yoshimoto Comedy Troupe. Its headquarters "Namba Grand Kagetsu" is open year-round (remarks). Have your fill of "live" laughter with Yoshimoto New Comedy and comic dialogue. The performance changes weekly. Checking favorite performers beforehand via the website, etc, is recommended. Bringing back souvenirs of rare Yoshimoto goods sold in the shop in the building will surely make you popular in the classroom or office!

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    Reserved seats (1F) ¥4,000 for both advance sale/ day of the performance, reserved seats (2F) ¥3,500 for both advance sale/ day of the performance.* Same price for adults and children. Children over 5 years of age or taller than 110cm requires a separate seat. Extra fee for some performances; special performances on New Years Day, in Golden Week, at Obon (mid August), etc.

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    Fullness x Excitement x Freedom, eating and laughing in the town strolling in Minami. Town strolling in Minami finishes up relaxed at Namba Parks spreading out for 10,000 square meters. A huge commercial facility rich in greenery built in the former Osaka Baseball Stadium. Its rooftop park "Parks Garden" is a healing space with welcoming seasonal flowers. It is nice to relax on a bench. Café and restaurants to enjoy meals, bathed in sunlight, overlooking greenery, are recommended. Of course, the fashion and goods shops are well stocked. Take some time out to cool down, and go out again into the night Minami!

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Sights to see
Dotombori River Walk: enjoy riverside Minami
Kitsune udon noodle at “Dotombori Imai”, Meoto Zenzai sweets at Hozenji-Yokocho, Miso Oden at Shobentangotei, etc.
Noted tempura of Minami, Ohtora
“Imai” used to be a musical instrument shop beloved of jazz-men in Osaka before WWII. Goods to feel the history in the narrow lane, left of the shop entrance.