Model Course

Enjoy the Minami area of Osaka,
a city for foodies
Walking and Eating Tour

The Minami area of Osaka is one of the most busiest areas in the city, featuring various tourist spots. The area is lined with restaurants and shops, as well as entertainment spots where visitors can enjoy a fusion of traditional and modern cultures of Japan. A famous tourist spot is the Dotonbori or Shinsaibashi shopping streets. They are also known for having numerous tasty foods, with Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki being must-eat choices. If you ever find yourself in Osaka, be sure to visit the Minami area.

    Day Schedule

    1. Americamura10:00 ~ 12:00

      Known by everyone in Osaka as a trendsetter, “Americamura” has been nicknamed “Amemura”, a town where mostly the 20's come together. The area has its roots during the 1970s when various used-clothing and record stores started popping up, resulting in it being now known as the “Mecca for the Young.”

    2. Shinsaibashi-suji
      Shopping Street
      10:00 ~ 12:00

      From the South side of Hori-dori street to the Soemoncho-dori street, the Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street stretches about 580 meters to the north and south.
      2 major department stores including Daimaru-Shinsaibashi as well as about 180 stores from fashion to restaurants gather here. It is extremely busy with about 60,000 shoppers on the weekdays and about 120,000 shoppers on Sundays and holidays.

      Shopping Street
    3. Kushikatu-Daruma Dotonbori Store

      Here at the Shinsekai, Osaka’s Kushikatsu “Daruma,” you will be able to enjoy the true-local flavors of Osaka with its various types of cutlet skewers featuring their special sauce.

      Kushikatu-Daruma Dotonbori Store
    4. Takoyaki Creo-Ru

      Creo-Ru offers Osaka staples such as Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu, and others all under one spacious store with 70 seats.
      In addition to regular Takoyaki, they also offer a twist on their menu to compare the tastes.

      Takoyaki Creo-Ru
    5. Dotonbori Shopping Street14:00 ~ 17:00

      Dotonbori Shopping Street is the leading tourist spot of Osaka, featuring its famous “Glico signboard” and “Kuidaore dolls” that are often depicted in various media, which is what people come up with when it comes to Osaka.
      In addition to its flashy signboards, the place is busy and crowded with various restaurants.

      Dotonbori Shopping Street
    6. Okonomiyaki Osaka Botejyu
      Main Store

      Botejyu was founded in 1946 and has now become a place around Osaka to enjoy Okonomiyaki, the “taste of Osaka.”
      In addition to their sauce, the Okonomiyaki made using carefully sourced ingredients are exquisite.
      A symbol of flour-based cuisine, right next to the Takoyaki.

      Okonomiyaki Osaka Botejyu
      Main Store
    7. NAMBA GRAND KAGEZ17:00 ~ 19:10

      Come and enjoy the best comedy in Japan offered at the NAMBA GRAND KAGEZ, the source of fun and excitement of Osaka, that is known as the “City of Laughter.”
      Here at Osaka, the Mecca of laughs, you can enjoy comedy dialogue, Rakugo, skits and comedy theater by both famous and upcoming young comedians.

    8. Daiki Suisan Conveyor Belt Sushi Dotonbori Store

      Visitors can enjoy fresh sushi at affordable prices at the Daiki Suisan Conveyor Belt Sushi.
      In addition, they host a tuna cutting show every day for visitors to enjoy freshly cut tuna on the spot.

      Daiki Suisan Conveyor Belt Sushi
      Dotonbori Store
    9. Pivot BASE -Travel Cafe @ Tonbori-

      “Pivot BASE -Travel Cafe @ Tonbori- is a new concept cafe for new discoveries and experiences during your travels. A travel concierge will carefully select popular spots that are topical on social media or local recommendation info just for you.
      You can casually find a travel spot in Osaka that is perfect just for you.

      Pivot BASE ~Travel Cafe @ Tonbori~
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