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Useful Information (disaster)

【Useful Information (disaster)】

Osaka Safe Travels
 A site that consolidates information needed by foreign tourists in emergencies such as accidents, disasters, and injuries.

Osaka Disaster Prevention Net
 A site that aggregates a wide range of disaster prevention information, including weather information and evacuation information.

Osaka Medical Net
 A helpful information site for foreigners when seeking medical facilities due to sudden illness or injury.

Osaka Call Center
 Multilingual tourist call center (free with an internet connection environment)
・For Smartphone(safari) usage please click here click here(Free of charge)
・Landline 06-6131-4550(Cost required) 

(Information covering all of Japan)
Japan, Safe Travel Information (English only)
A site that compiles necessary weather information and the latest transportation information during disasters.

Japan Official Travel (App) (English only)
An app that assists foreign tourists visiting Japan, from searching tourist spots and route planning to disaster information.

Safety tips (App)
 An app useful during disasters, providing emergency earthquake alerts and tsunami warnings etc.