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About Osaka

Watching Guide : Baseball - ORIX Buffaloes


The ORIX Buffaloes is a professional baseball team based in Osaka belonging to the Pacific League in Japan. Baseball is one of Japan's national sports. The season begins every year in late March. It's a sport that's truly best enjoyed live. You can buy all kinds of great food and drinks at the stadium. This page highlights all kinds of useful information and ways the locals enjoy baseball, so everyone can make the most of their experience!


The ORIX Buffaloes was formerly lead by the famous Ichiro Suzuki, currently an active player for the Seattle Mariners. It's a team that produced many legends, such as the outfielder So Taguchi and the relief pitcher Shigetoshi Hasegawa.
Along with the games, you will also be able to enjoy performances by the professional dance and vocal unit BsGirls! At the top of the seventh inning, you can also join in the tradition of shooting balloons off into the sky.


Enjoy the atmosphere of the stadium!

There are lots of good items to choose from at the merchandise shop. You will fit right in with the crowd with your own jersey or fan gear. While watching the game with delicious stadium food, raise your voices and add to the energy of the incredible atmosphere!

Take pictures with the mascot

The mascots for the ORIX Buffaloes are Buffalo Bill and Buffalo Bell. Be sure to spot them before and during the match! You may cross paths around the stadium concourse, so be sure to ask for a photo to remember the experience!

Shoot off your balloons into the sky

Do you know the chant for the ORIX Buffaloes? At the end of the seventh inning while everyone joins in on the anthem for the team, you release long balloons into the air. All of the thousands of balloons flying towards the top of the dome makes for an incredible spectacle!
You can buy your own balloons for the game at the merchandise shop on the second floor of Kyocera Dome.

Enjoy the stadium food!

Nothing beats watching the game with Osaka's specialty, takoyaki! The food at the stadium ranges from 500 Yen - 1000 Yen. Dive into Osaka's food culture here at the stadium.


Food and Drink
You can enjoy different kinds of foods such as takoyaki and curry here at the stadium!
Soft drinks and alcohol will also be sold.
At the door tickets during weekdays:
Adults 1,800 yen (unreserved outfield seats)
Elementary/Middle/High School Students 700 yen (unreserved outfield seats)

At the door tickets on weekends:
Adults 1,900 yen (unreserved outfield seats)
Elementary/Middle/High School Students 700 yen (unreserved outfield seats)
※All listed costs are based on the 2018's prices. Prices as of 2019 are to be announced.