Animo Yumekawa Animal Park(Indoor zoo)

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  • Open

    11:00-19:30(admissions close19:00)
  • Closed

    Varies(See social media accounts for details.)

Animo is located directly beside Osaka Namba and Amemura. Located on Minami Horie's Orange Street, Animo is a mini zoo built around the theme of "yume kawaii," or, "dreamy cuteness." Within the shop, you'll find a variety of small animals including cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, owls, lizards, snakes, and more. Guests can observe, touch, and even feed snacks to the animals in the homey store. You'll also find original accessories and knickknacks for sale in the gift shop area. Relax in the store, the perfect place not only to pet animals, but also to do a little shopping!

  • Location

    Minamihorie Colette bulding 1F,1-15-9,Minamihorie,Nishi-ku,Osaka
  • Price

    Entrance fee: 600 yen (20 minutes)
    Extension: 200 yen (for every 10 minutes)
    Free time: 1,500 yen (limited number of tickets per day)
  • Tel

  • Languages

    Nihongo, eigo, Kankoku-go
    Japanese, English, Korean
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  • Directions

    Namba Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji, Yotsubashi, and Sennichimae Lines
    Yotsubashi Station on the Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line
    Sakuragawa Station on the Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line
    Nishi Ohashi Station on the Osaka Metro Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line