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Hyogo prefecture has the most largest size in kansai area, and here is the only one prefecture in the main island of Japan which border with the sea of Japan, and the inland sea of Japan. There is a lot of sightseeing places which is easy to get to Kobe city from Osaka, Himeji-jo castle which is world heritage,and Akashi which is the Japan standard time meridian, and Awaji island which has prently of nature and foods in the side of th inland sea of Japan. Especially, Kobe where is between sea and Rokko mountains could be the most beautiful town in Kansai. Kobe port had starded as a trading port with foreign countries in nineteenth century. As a result, Kobe town became a original town because there adopted western culture. Sightseeing in Kobe is rich in variety. You can discover something when you go for walk in the town. North part of Sannomiya, and Kitano Ijinkan area can feel an exotic mood. Outdoor is also extensived.Hiking in Rokko mountains is standard for holiday to the people who living in Hanshin area to beginner and veteran. Nunobiki falls has chosen as Japan's Top 100 beautiful waterfalls. A standard route to people who likes mountain climbing is climbing a Rokko-mountain, then going to Arima hotspring to sweat. The hotspring has more than 100 years history, loved by the nobility, and royalty. It is called the oldest hotspring. If you are hungry, let's try to eat Kobe beef.



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