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Nara is the first place of Japanese capital in Japan in 710. Nara town has old history. But it takes only 30 minutes from downtown Osaka.Nara has been keeping the Japanese oldest temple, and important cultural assets. You will be with wide eyes when you see a great image statue of Buddha in Todai-ji temple . Those historical architectural structures and cultural assets are located near Nara park whichi is huge. There is so many cute deer in Nara park. Those cute deer has been protecting as a natural monument. They sell rice crackers for deer anywhere, so you can feel free to feed them and touch them. If you are interested to get to Nara! I'll teach you how to get to Nara from Osaka.



By Kintetsu


World heritage of Nara

Go to Kasugataisha shrine


Go to Horyuji


Go to Totsukawa in Kumano kodo pilgrimage routes)


Sight-seeing area in Nara