200 meters and 51 stories high. Popular for being among the most beautiful night views of Osaka.

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This Osaka Bay area landmark rises 200 meters and 51 floors into the air. It is popular for being among the most beautiful night views of Osaka and has excellent access to Universal Studios Japan™, Kaiyukan Aquarium, Osaka Bay, Sakishima, and other Osaka City spots. The hotel offers a variety of rooms, including theme rooms that kids will love. Appropriate for a wide range of occasions, from business to leisure.

  • Location

    1-2-1 Benten, Minato-ku, Osaka
  • Directions

    Directly connected to Bentencho Station on the JR Loop Line and Osaka Metro Chuo Lines
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  • Services

    Cleaning services, massage, delivery services
  • Languages

    English, Korean, Chinese
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  • Geust Rooms

    Hotel rooms are on floors 23 - 25 and 30 - 50. There are 16 "fourth" rooms (rooms for four people), and 54 "triple" rooms (rooms for three people).
  • Restaurant

    Hotel restaurants: Sky Buffet 51(51F), Kappo Minato・Teppanyaki Ruri・
    Bar Lounge Twenty(20F)
    Other restaurant: CAFE & BRASSERIE O10(2F)
  • Hall

    The hotel has five conference rooms, including the 805m2 Art Grand Ballroom, and the 22nd floor Sky Banquet Hall.
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