Baieido Showroom—Sakai Incense 0

Come learn about the production process for incense and the beneficial effects, including relaxation, that its fragrance can bring to your everyday life.

  • Open

    9:00 - 17:00
  • Closed

    Weekends and holidays, New Year holidays

This facility invites you to not only learn about the production process and beneficial effects of incense, but also to experience how its fragrance is a deeply-familiar part of Japanese life. This is done through the spirit of kodo, the art of incense appreciation. Personal interpreters are required for foreign language support.

  • Location

    〒 590-0943 1-1-4 Kurumanocho Higashi, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka
  • Directions

    Right outside Hanataguchi Station on the Hankai Tramway Hankai Line
  • Price

    Free workshop
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