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Osaka Nippombashi is one of the major electrical shop streets in Japan, and is also famous for being a hotspot for unique pop culture in Japan including animation, comics and games. Lined with large and small shops of various genres selling figures, toys, plastic models, robots and costumes as well as maid cafés, crowded with pop culture aficionados called otaku (nerds). You do not have to be an otaku to go crazy over the hobby items. We guarantee great fun for adults and children alike. "Nippombashi Street Festa" is held every March with a costume parade, talk shows by voice actors, performances by maid waitresses. By all means come to the hot town of Nippombashi.

Ebisucho Sta. of Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line START

  • 2 min walk


1. Nippombashi Information Center

Marked by the pink banner with "Neon Chan", a painted Nippombashi original support character. From electrical shops, sub-culture and hobby shops to maid cafés, the talk of the town, Nippombashi Information Center is filled with Nippombashi information. Free guide maps available in English, Korean, and Chinese in simplified and traditional characters in addition to Japanese. Guides with full knowledge of Nippombashi will kindly take care of you. Please drop in there first when you go to Nippombashi. 

 1F, NTT Nippombashi Building, 5-8-21, Nippombashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
 11:00-19:00 (Open all year round except January 1 - January 3)
(06)6655-1717 [Japanese only]
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  • 4 min walk


2. Volks Osaka Showroom

The whole building is filled with hobby shops! From model trains, beautiful girl figures, toys, mechanisms, robots, character plastic models to parts and tools for plastic models, scale models of airplanes, battleships and tanks, and even dolls! An overwhelming number of items from 1F to 7F, occupying a prominent place in Japan. From affordable priced products for occasional users to rare ones for hard-core users, lots of them are produced here, and are only available here. The bright and clean shop resembles a gallery, a space where hobby novices can forget about time in pursuit of pleasure.

 4-9-18, Nippombashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
11:00-20:00 (Open all year round)
(06)6634-8155 [Japanese only]
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  • A short walk


3. Hero Gangu Kenkyujo

A toy specialty store marked by an imposing statue of Masked Rider facing the intersection. New products and popular items such as "One Piece", "Masked Rider", etc, can be found on the 1F while the 2F is filled with used items, nostalgic antique toys, and collectors' items for manic enthusiasts wall to wall. The transforming figures "Transformers" are made in Japan, and here can be found one of the best line-ups in Japan. From its affordably priced toys to very rare items, the store resembles a toy box and is well worth a long looking over.

 4-9-21, Nippombashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 
(06)6641-7776 [Japanese only]
12:00-19:00 Closed Wednesday
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  • 2 min walk


4. Ota Road

Commonly called "Ota Road (meaning 'Road of Otaku')" it runs parallel on the west of "Sakaisuji", a main street running north to south in the center of Nippombashi. Unlike the Sakaisuji lined with big shops and buildings, it is filled with 'maniac' shops irresistible to pop culture fans and crowded with lots of people even on weekdays. Ota Road feels somewhat relaxed with light traffic for such a wide road. It will surely be fun just browsing as you walk along.

  • A short walk


5. GEE! Store Osaka

Official character goods fill the store facing Ota Road, suggesting "character + life". Well known animation character goods including "One Piece", "Dragon Ball" and "Gundam" and popular beautiful girl series "Keion!" and "Index" fill 1F while costume play goods and doll products are offered on 2F. New products are brought in every week, and the shop is crowded even on weekdays. Perfect gifts for animation fans.

4-15-21, Nippombashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
11:00-19:30 Closed Open all year round (Closed only Year-end and New Year holidays)
(06)6645-8300 [Japanese only]
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  • 3 min walk


6. Melcafe

This is a maid café seemingly loitering on a street next to a main street. Unlike other maid cafés, the natural interior store exudes a subdued ambience. Maids clad in original and elaborate uniforms greet you "Welcome home, master ("princess" for female guest)♪" with a cute smile. The concept is a "café on Nippombashi", open for everybody. Full menu includes variety of drinks and pilaf-filled omelette on which the maids write words and draw pictures with ketchup. * From March 19 to May 9, 2011, it will be a concept café under the theme of games, for a limited time only, followed by regular business operation.

1F, Ikutama Building, 4-9-9, Nippombashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
12:30-21:30 Open all year round
(06)6641-8555 [Japanese only]
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Popculture OSAKA

Come experience the Osaka pop culture! Comics/Manga, animations, cosplay, Ninja, Samurai, idols and more!.


HUNGRY?:When you go north on Sakaisuji toward Nippombashi Station, “Kuromon Ichiba Market” appears on your right. From professional cooks at high class restaurants to taste-sensitive Osaka common folk, this “treasure house of food” has satisfied every palate with ingredients rigorously selected from all over Japan. There are more than 40 fish stores and also many eateries in the energetic market, so you can eat while strolling.  
SOUVENIRS:When you go along “Nansandori” from Sakaisuji in the direction of Namba, you will find “Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street” where all kinds of cooking and kitchen items are available. It is famous nationwide, crowded every day with professional cooks, housewives and tourists from overseas, offering a full line of products fitting for “Gourmet Town Osaka”. Some shops sell imitation food samples such as sushi and fries which look very real. Miniature key holders are affordably priced and popular for souvenirs.