Seasonal Food: Miyoshiya (Udon making experience)

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  • Open

    From 15:00 and from 16:00
  • Closed

    Thursdays, New Year's Holidays

Experience making udon noodles, one of the three major noodle groups (ramen, soba, udon) by hand in this elegant Japanese restaurant on the Koya Highway. The ingredients are nothing but Japanese wheat flour, salt and water. Try to master the knead-tread-stretch-cut process based on the calm and unique guidance of the well-known chef. The udon is then boiled right there in the restaurant, so while it's boiling, why not also try the sake tasting. You're sure to be surprised by the range of flavors, from sweet through to dry. Finally, you can savor the fresh al dente udon with the bonito soup stock of the day. Upon completing the experience, you also receive a certificate and a Miyoshiya original sake cup.
We also recommend you take a look at the Koya Highway area and the nearby bamboo screen and toothpick workshops, to see more traditional Japanese crafts.

  • Location

    13-15 Naganocho, Kawachinagano, Osaka
  • Price

    Standard Plan:
    6,800 yen per person inc. tax
  • Contact

    Seasonal Food: Miyoshiya
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  • Languages

    Japanese, English (beginner level)
  • Attention1

    Credit cards / Not accepted
  • Attention2

    Reservation / Required
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