Cherry trees in Mt. Atago 0

Beautiful landscapes with the sea, the sky and flowers can be enjoyed on Mt. Atago in Misaki-cho, Sennan-gun located at the southern end of Osaka Prefecture.

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Mt. Atago welcomes you with 800 cherry trees and 50,000 azaleas in the spring. A place with a marvelous view where you can see as far as the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge.
You will enjoy beautiful landscapes with the sea, the sky and flowers.

  • Place

    Mt. Atago
  • Location

    Tannowa, Misaki-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka Prefecture
  • Schedule

    Late-March to mid-April
    * The schedule may be advanced or postponed according to the state of the flowers.
  • Contact

    Industry and Tourism Section, Urban Develpment Dept., Misaki-cho
  • Tel