Festival of the Lights in Osaka 0

Dazzling illumination! Come and enjoy Osaka’s stunning light festival this winter!

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Festival of the Light in Osaka 2019  When:November 4th (Mon) – January 31st (Fri)

         ※Opening periods differ by program.     ※All photos shown are for illustration purposes only.
             ※Program schedules are subject to change.

Osaka Light Festival – Opening Event

Let’s kick off the illumination with the Festival of the Light opening event! The Midosuji street will be closed to cars for one night only! So do not miss the chance to walk along Osaka’s symbolic street and take in the wonderful illumination around you!

November 4th (Mon) 2019

 17:00 - 19:00

From Kyutaromachi intersection to Shinbashi intersection.

Midosuji Street Illumination 2019

Osaka’s emblematic Midosuji street. Come and enjoy a world record breaking* 4 kilometers of beautiful illumination spanning from Umeda to Namba. This year we will be ready with more power and excitement than ever before! *In January of 2015 it was acknowledged to have broken a world record!

November 4th (Mon) 2019 - December 31st (Tue) 2020 
17:00 - 23:00
  Midosuji Street (Hanshin-mae Intersection - Namba-Nishiguchi Intercection)

Osaka Light Renaissance 2019

The 17th annual Osaka Hikari-Renaissance. This year, be amazed by a Taiwanese themed light spectacular as the walls of the historic Osaka City Central Public Hall are transformed into a wonderful canvas for projection mapping. Whilst you are there, why not whet your taste buds at the Marche De Lumiere and experience an array of selected foods? ※The image is of last year's event.

 December 14th (Sat) - December 25th (Wed) 2019
※Light up period November 4th (Mon) - December 31st (Tue)
17:00 - 22:00
※Program lasts from 16:00 - 23:00 
  Osaka City Hall and Nakanoshima Park Area

Aqua Metropolis - Hikari-Renaissance Boat 2019

Experience the the Osakan light festival from a boat and watch how the reflections of glistening light dance along the water’s surface. 

①On-board Christmas Show and Light Cruising

 December 14th (Sat) - 25th (Wed) 2019           Running Hours: Not yet determined 
 Place of Departure: Yodoyobashi Pier or Osakajo Pier      Inquiries:OSAKA SUIJYO BUS LTD. 0570-03-5551 

②Nakanoshima Light Cruise

  December 14th (Sat) - 25th (Wed) 2019             Running Hours: 17:30/18:30/19:30/20:30
 Place of Departure:  Hachikenyahama Landing       Inquiries: Ipponmatsu Shipping Co.     06-6441-0532

③Nakanoshima River Cruise

  Until December 28th (Sat) 2019               Running Hours:  Every 30 minutes between 17:00 and 21:00 
   Place of Departure: Fukushima (Hotarumachi) Port      Inquiries: Ipponmatsu Shipping Co.     06-6441-0532

Osaka Sky Vista Light Festival Special Service

Treat yourself to a 360-degree panoramic Open Deck Bus! The Osaka Sky Vista brings you up close and personal to Osaka’s illustrious illumination. Enjoy a magical ride as a bus guide presents you with the highlights of the Midosuji street illumination. 

 November 5th (Tue) - December 31st (Tue)
 17:10, 18:20, 19:20, 20:20 (Duration  45 mins approx.)
 Boarding/ Departure:JR Osaka Station

  Bookings/ Inquiries: West Japan JR Bus Company 


More programs to be announced. Festival of the Lights in Osaka 2019 Home Page