Swimming pool ”The Boon” 0

Swimming pools are open this year again, from one which has simple slides and water fountains to play with, to thrilling water slides, fun for everyone, adults and kids alike.

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The Boon, swimming pool area at Hirakata Park offers an attractive variety of pools and sliders. There are four swimming pools: Dombura, a massive pool with lazy river currents; Nagisa, a gradually deepening pool; Wanpaku, for children featuring slides and fountains; and Siesta, a hilltop observation pool.

Thrilling water slides include the Crying Tube, a high speed water slider you ride down on floats, the Canyon Ride, a super thrilling water slider that tosses you left and right as you plunge down raging canyon rapids. There is also the Kiddy Slider, a slider for the little ones, with a bumpy surface to enjoy while being tossed gently up into the air. Both adults and children can enjoy the whole day.
During summer, temporarily leaving the pool area is permitted. Visitors can enjoy the other park attractions in their swimwear.

  • Location

    〒 573-0054 1-1, Hirakata Koencho, Hirakata City
  • Dates

    July 6 (Sat) – September 1 (Sun), 2019
    10:00-17:00 * Closes at 16:00 on some days
  • Price

    Adult 2,300 yen
    Child 1,300 yen

    Adult 1,400 yen
    Child 800 yen
    * Adult: Junior high school student or older, Child: 2 years old - elementary school student
  • Contact

    Hirakata Park
  • Tel

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