Naritasan Fudoson Temple Setsubun Festival 0

The largest Setsubun festival in Kansai. Dried soy beans stored in the largest square wooden sake cup in Japan are tossed from the stage before annual crowds of roughly 30,000 people.

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At Naritasan, they say that even demons can be reformed before the guardian deity known here as Ofudo-sama, or Acala in Sanskrit. So instead of the traditional Setsubun call of, "Oni wa Soto! Fuku wa Uchi!" (Get goblins out of the house! Invite happiness into the home!) here, the crowds only chant "Luck in!" during the traditional lucky beans toss.
Naritasan is particularly renowned for prayers for traffic safety, but also has blessings to keep one safe from harm, and promote good luck and prosperity in business or for one's family. Every year, Kansai entertainers and famous people from the financial world stand on stage and participate in the Setsubun festival, tossing lucky beans stored in the largest square wooden sake cup in Japan.

What is "Setsubun"?
It usually occurs around February 3rd. On this day, in a custom called mame-maki, people throw andscatter roasted soy beans inside and outside their houses while saying, "Oni ha Soto! Fuku ha Uti (Get goblinsout of the house! Invite happiness into the home!)

  • Place

    Narita-san Fudoson Temple
  • Location

    10-1 Narita-nishi machi, Neyagawa
  • Schedule

    February 3
    Driving out of Evil Spirits Bean Toss
    Starting from 10:30, 13:00, and 15:00
    Good Luck Bean Toss
    Starting from 12:00, and 14:00
  • Price

    Free for spectators
    (A fee is required to toss beans.)
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    Narita-san Fudoson Temple
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