Osaka Castle Illuminage
Welcome to Japan’s one and only Japanese-inspired illumination event!0

This extravagant light up event is held every year, transforming Osaka castle into a world of lights.

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With Osaka Castle as a backdrop, a dazzling LED light up centers around the large, waterfront area. The display looks back on the Meiji Restoration that gave birth to modern Japan 150 years ago. Get lost in the Japanese streets of the 1860s with Japan’s first “Japanese Maze,” a 30-meter-long history book in lights, and more. Take a journey of discovery through history, guided by lights and sound.

  • Place

    Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden
  • Location

  • Schedule

    December 1 (Sat), 2018 - March 3 (Sun), 2019
    17:00 - 22:00 (lights on from 17:30 - 21:30)
    *No postponement for rain; cancelled in the event of stormy weather.
  • Price

    Adults (junior high school age and over) 1,200 yen
    Children (Elementary school student and younger) 600 yen
    0 - 3 years old: Free
  • Contact

    Illuminage Executive Office
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