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2019-2020 Season Subscription Concert.

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Founded in 1923, Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra, commonly referred to as ‘Shion’ is widely acknowledged as the oldest professional wind orchestra in Japan.
Today Shion continues to contribute to Japanese music culture performing a wide range of music from classical to popular music.
The Orchestra has produced many recordings and has played a big role in the field of music education.
It has received prestigious awards for its work including awards at the Osaka Cultural Festival Awards three times, Japan Broadcast Culture Awards, Naniwa”Ichibiri”Activity Awards, Osaka Art Awards. In 2014, Akira Miyagawa was appointed as Music Director ,Kazuyoshi Akiyama to the position of artistic advisor and In April 2017 You Nishimura was appointed a regular conductor.

2019-2020 Season Subscription Concert lineup

The 124th Subscription Concert
  April 27 (Sat), 2019  Open 13:00/Start 14:00
Johan de Meij, Cond.
Naoko Hoshino, Sop.
Johan de Meij  "Wind Power"
Johan de Meij  Symphony No. 2 "The Big Apple"
Johan de Meij Symphony No. 5 "Return to Middle Earth" (Japan premiere)
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The 125th Subscription Concert
 June 23 (Sun), 2019 Open 13:00 / Start 14:00
Kazuyoshi AKIYAMA(artistic advisor), Cond.
Urato WATANABE:Symphonic Suite "Yajin" for Wind Orchestra
Ikuma DAN:Procession Fantasy for Brass Orchestra
James Barnes:Symphony No. 9 (Japan premiere)

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The 126th Subscription Concert
 September 22 (Sun), 2019 Open 13:00 / Start 14:00
Akira MIYAGAWA(Music Director), Cond.
Akira MIYAGAWA:Black Jack
Akira MIYAGAWA:A Streetcar Named Desire  …etc.
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The 127th Subscription Concert
 November 30 (Sat), 2019 Open 13:00 / Start 14:00
You NISHIMURA (regular conductor), Cond.
Jun Nagao: Triton
Cesarini:Blue Horizons Op.23b
Debussy(arr. You NISHIMURA):"La mer"  …etc.
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The 128th Subscription Concert
 January 23 (Thu), 2020 Open 18:00 / Start 19:00
Shigeo GENDA, Cond.
Chang-su Koh:Scenery Poetry-Idyll for Wind Orchestra “As the Sun Rises”
Franco Cesarini:Symphony No.1 Op.50“The Archangels”
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The 129th Subscription Concert
 Match 14 (Sat), 2020 Open 13:00 / Start 14:00
Kazumasa WATANABE, Cond.
Morton Gould:Jericho,Rhapsody for Symphonic Band
Alfred Reed:Third Suite for Band
John Mackey:Wine-Dark Sea, Symphony for Band
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  • Place

    The Symphony Hall
  • Location

    2 Oyodo Minami, Kita-ku, Osaka
  • Directions

    Roughly a 7-minute walk from Fukushima Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line
    Right outside Oyodo-minami-1-chome bus stop via Hankyu bus 18 or city bus 41; board bus north of the Chuo-nishi exit at JR Osaka Station
  • Schedule

    April 27 (Sat), June 23 (Sun) , September 22 (Sun), November 30 (Sat)

    January 23 (Thu), March 14 (Sat)
  • Price

    S 5,000 yen
    A 4,000 yen
    B 3,000 yen
    C 1,500 yen
    Pair seat 7,000 yen
  • Contact

    Shion Ticket Center (Weekdays 10:00 - 17:30)
  • Tel

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