Sumiyoshi Festival 0

Sumiyoshi Festival is the last of all the summer festivals held in Osaka. Visitors step through a large ring made of thatch to purify themselves and wish for a good health.

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A highlight of this festival is nagoshi-harai-shinji ritual held on the 31st. In this ritual, nagoshime women and children in costumes of the Muromachi period (14-16th century) go through a large ring made of thatch. Visitors can also participate in this ritual to wish for good health. On the next day, August 1, togyo (parade of mikoshi portable shrine) proceeds to Shukuin Tongu shrine in Sakai City, attracting many people along the way. After the parade reaches Shukuin Tongu shrine, the solemn aranigono-ooharai-shinji ritual is held.

  • Place

    Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine
  • Dates

    July 30(Tue) - August 1(Thu), 2019

    July 30: Yoimiya-sai Festival 20:00 -
    July 31: 17:00- (Nagoshi-harai-shinji ritual)
    Aug 1: around 14:00 - Togyo mikoshi parade. In late evening, Aranigo Oharae Shinji
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    No admission charge
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    Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine
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