Former Residence of the Mukui Family 0

This traditional Japanese home boasts a unique architectural style.

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The Former Residence of the Mukui Family was once located at the Kamino-go Town Hall, but came to its present home in Tsuchimaru following relocation during the construction of the Kansai Shin-kuko Renraku Road. The thatched-roof residence had all its additions removed and was restored to its original layout. Once a private residence, it’s an excellent example of the unique farmhouses of the Sennan area. Laid out in in four chambers with a partially-disconnected dirt-floor kitchen, the house is notable for the presence of an extra beam between the sashikamoi-style lintel and the main ridge beam. In 1993, the residence was registered as a Municipal Cultural Property by Izumisano City.

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    〒 598-0022 904 Tsuchimaru, Izumisano-shi, Osaka
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    Mizunomi-jizo bus stop via bus bound for Inunaki-san; board bus from Izumisano Station on the Nankai Line or at JR Hineno Station
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