The Agricultural Experience
Discover fresh local produce on an unforgettable journey into Osaka countryside life.

 Experience local culture, industry, agriculture and food, etc., through interaction with friendly local residents amid rich natural surroundings. Agricultural experience, food culture experience and friendly interaction with the local residents will be a great memory of your stay in Osaka.

Izumi Fureai Nou No Sato(Agricultural Experience Exchange Facilities) 

Izumi city, Osaka prefecture

The southern part of Osaka prefecture is encircled by the sea and mountains, filled with nature, a food production area to support Osaka, the town of food. Izumi city is located in the south of Osaka prefecture, a city of rich nature with prosperous agriculture and traditional industries.Izumi city has a satoyama area of woodlands including a quasi-national park as well as fields of rice and other crops, and a residential area popular among families, having convenient access to both nature and livelihood. 


If you climb up the mountain path to 300m above sea level while enjoying the varying scenery from city to suburbs, you reach the farm on the mountain top overlooking a wonderful panoramic view.

Everyone, children and adults alike, can enjoy food and agricultural experience together with seasonal nature in the fresh air. Even those on a short itinerary can relax and enjoy Japanese rural life on a trip in the fresh air.


The harvest on the farm and a cooking experience with local ingredients can be enjoyed without moving to other prefectures over a long distance. Friendly local farmers are waiting for visitors here.
* Reservation required on the farm to control the number of visitors as a precaution against COVID-19. Checking the latest information prior to your visit is recommended.  

Access: Approx. 60 minutes by car from the central area of Osaka city. Approx. 40 minutes by car from Kansai International Airport.

Izumi Fureai no Sato

Izumi Fureai Nou No Sato(Agricultural Experience Exchange Facilities)  PDF(1.7MB)




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