This market, with over 300years of proud history, is said to have roots in the stalls that nearby farmers set up to sell their produce. 

Located just south of Namba, near Daikokucho station, the market features around 150 wholesale merchants selling fish, fresh produce, and more in their stalls, which are popular shopping spots for Minami district chefs to source their ingredients. 

A morning market is held for the general public from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on the second and last Saturday of every month. Numerous food samples are on offer, and visitors can take part in auction bidding and raffle events.

In summertime, barbecues may be held in an adjacent event space using fresh purchases from the market.

During the Ebisu Festival (one of Osaka’s foremost celebrations), the area from the market grounds to the Imamiya Ebisu Shrine is lined with ancient-style sea bream offerings to pray for an abundant catch of fish and prosperous business—a tradition that dates back to the Edo period.


 For further information, 

contact the Osaka Kizu Wholesale Market Association at +81-6-6631-1131.

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