Osaka Casual: Cheap-and-Cheerful Eats 0


The people of Osaka are passionate about food.  They value ingredients, and never waste things; they invest time and effort into preparing food well for maximum enjoyment, and hone their culinary skills to please their families or guests.

 This helped raise the basic standard of local food culture, and gave rise to the Japanese word kuidaore, which literally means to spend all your money on eating.  Konamon (literally “flour stuff”), which includes the cheap and tasty street foods takoyaki and okonomiyaki, is an important of the region’s food culture

Flour-based udon noodles can also be considered konamon.  Kitsune udon is available throughout Japan, but Osaka’s kitsune udon (such as at Dotonbori Imai and Usamitei Matsubaya in Minamisemba) is particularly delicious. 

This is because of the quality of the dashi (ingredients include kombu, dried mackerel flakes, and round herring flakes).  Kushikatsu (deep-fried morsels served on skewers), perhaps the star of Osaka’s cheap-and-cheerful food scene is known for its “no double dipping” rule regarding sauce. 


It can be enjoyed at many stores in the Shinsekai neighborhood near Tsutenkaku.  Okonomiyaki and takoyaki restaurants can be found  all over the Dotombori district.

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