Cities are living organisms.  Osaka’s festive neighborhood of Minami is no exception, and it seems that one of its vibrant areas or other is always "the place to go", such as America-Mura (America Village) and Minamisemba.  The neighborhood of Ura-Namba has been popular as a bar-hopping area since around 2010, bordered by the Sennichimae district to the north, Nansan-dori Avenue to the south, Kuromon Market to the east, and the area around the Takashimaya department store to the west.


Lined with unique shops run by a new generation, Ura-Namba is known as an area with cheap, delicious specialties, and for its numerous styles of standing bars, among other attributes.  Once a precinct of "stand-and-drink" bars catering to men, Ura-Namba has transformed and is now also popular among women and younger demographics.  Pub crawling is a well-loved pastime in Ura-Namba—a neighborhood that was, incidentally, named by the proprietors of its local establishments. 


 Indulging in food and drink while engaging in warm and friendly conversation with shop employees and fellow customers alike, patrons can go from venue to venue and enjoy the 100+ eateries and watering holes in numerous styles: Japanese, Western, Chinese and beyond.

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