Osaka City is largely divided into two areas: the Umeda area, called "Kita," and the Namba/Tennoji area, known as "Minami." Depending upon your destination, you can travel through the city using the subway, which goes all throughout the city, the JR Osaka Loop Line, which circles the central districts, and other private railways that connect in various parts of the city.

Osaka is an "aqua metropolis." You can enjoy a truly Osakan experience by traveling by water on a water bus or a cruise instead of using the roads, trains, or subway. You're sure to see a different side of the city. Sightseeing taxis are also available. Osaka is a city with advanced transit, allowing you to enjoy your visit while travelling conveniently.


Be sure to confirm operating days and status.


The main road for driving within Osaka City is the Hanshin Expressway. The Loop Line, which surrounds the central districts, provides access in all directions. Traffic is heavy within the city, so use caution when driving. Also, while there are many city parking lots from Umeda to Namba, they are often full on weekends and holidays.

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