Higobashi Bridge 0

This historic bridge spans the Tosabori River and once had the kurayashiki of the Kumamoto Domain (also known as the Higo Domain) at its north end.

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Spanning the Tosabori River, this bridge connects Nishi-ku with Nakanoshima. In former times, its north Nakanoshima end was the location of the Kumamoto Domain's kurayashiki (a residence-slash-granary where feudal lords stored rice collected as tribute). There’s even record of the bridge in the Shinpan Osaka-no-zu (“New Map of Osaka”, published 1657) under the name “Higotonobashi.” The bridge, constructed of wood in those days, was washed away in a flood and in 1881 was replaced (along with Watanabebashi Bridge) with an iron bridge imported from England. Come 1926, the bridge was replaced again, this time with a gorgeous Spanish Renaissance-style concrete bridge. It would be replaced two more times until arriving to its present form, renovated in 1994. Reborn countless times across the eras, Higobashi Bridge still commands an atmosphere of liveliness as a conduit for foot passengers and vehicles both.

  • Location

    〒 530-0005 2 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka through 1 Tosabori, Nishi-ku
  • Directions

    Right outside Higobashi Station on the Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line
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    06-6615-6818 (Osaka City Construction Bureau Road Department & Bridges)
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