Inquiry / Application

- Please apply via e-mail Notify the following items when applying.
1.Choice of course for participation
2. Number of participants
3. Name, age (when more than one person is applying, list names and ages of all participants)
4. Contact number to notify winning (e-mail address or phone number for contact during the day).  Contact number of the representative in group applications.
Flow of applicationUpon receiving an e-mail, Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau will send confirmation of application.
* E-mail will be sent from Please confirm beforehand that your device can receive e-mails.
- If you do not hear from Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau for more than three business days after your application, please contact the Bureau.
- Application deadline: October 11 (Fri) ※First come, first served

Cancellation Policy

- Please notify if you cannot participate. No cancellation fee will be incurred.

Privacy Policy

 Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “our bureau”) consider it our social obligation bestowed upon our bureau to properly use your personal information as well as properly protect your personal information which has come to our bureau for this program. Please see this for more details.

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