Ibaraki Municipal Christian Heritage Museum 0

Christian relics museum, introducing the history of Christianity in Japan.

  • Open

    9:30 - 17:00
    *Mondays 9:30 - 12:00
  • Closed

    Tuesdays, holidays (closed the following day when holidays fall on Tuesday), New Year holidays (December 29 - January 3)

Ibaraki Municipal Christian Heritage Museum exhibits valuable materials regarding the history of Christianity in Japan, such as a Francis Xavier portrait (replica), appearing in Japanese history textbooks; the Maria Jugo Gengizu, depicting the lives of the Virgin Mary and Christ; a wooden statue of the Crucifixion; and a Christian tombstone. Influenced by the Christian daimyo (feudal lord) Takayama Ukon, who was a lord of Takatsuki Castle in the 16th century, a large number of Christians lived in the Sendaiji district, where the present museum is situated. Even after Christianity was prohibited in Japan, these believers adhered to their faith in secret, as "kakure (hidden) Christians," in this secluded district. After the Christian researcher Daicho Fujinami discovered in 1919 that this district was a community of kakure Christians, a number of related relics were obtained from houses in the district.