Ichijoin Temple 0

Ichijoin is believed to have a lineage dating back to ancient times, but was burned to the ground during Nobunaga's unification of Japan. The current temple was restored in 1638 as a subsidiary of Nyakuoji Temple.

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On entering the temple from its eastern gate, visitors will see a massive ginkgo biloba tree beside a shoro bell tower on their left, and the yuzudo hall that reveres the deity Uhodoji on their right. The main hall holds the temple's principal objects of worship—statues of the bodhisattva Kannon and Tamonten, among others.

  • address

    2-7-26 Hachizuka, Ikeda-shi, Osaka, 563-0024
  • transport

    50 m walk from the Sompachi bus stop; located between Ikeda and Ishibashi Stations on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line, along Industrial Highway R176
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