Shipporyuji Temple, Inunakisan 0

The spirit of its namesake, a faithful hound, sleeps in verdant Mt. Inunaki. Visit and claim good fortune for yourself at a temple known for seven treasures of gold and silver, Shipporyuji.

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    7:00 - 17:00
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    No designated days closed

Founded in 661 by legendary mystic En no Gyoja, Shipporyuji Temple is the head temple of the Inunaki sect of Shingon Buddhism. Also known as "Kurikara Dairyu Fudo Myo-o," the temple holds a statue of a dragon coiled around a sword as its principal object of worship. This dragon is a guardian deity that grants wishes and has connections to good fortune and longevity. The mountain is home to 48 separate waterfalls, and of these, the bodhisattva Kobo Daishi venerated the most impressive seven with seven treasures including gold and silver. In turn, the 53rd emperor of Japan named the temple Shipporyuji, or "Seven-Treasures-Waterfall."Mt. Inunaki was similarly named by the 59th emperor in the year 890. Its name is drawn from the tale of a hunter in the mountains coming under attack by a massive snake. His faithful dog barked wildly and put its own life on the line to save its master, inspiring the name Inunaki or "dog-barking." The scenery of its ravines and cliffs has been selected as one of the 100 Views of Osaka Greenery for its remarkable beauty.

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    8 Ogi, Izumisano-shi, Osaka, 598-0023
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    25-minute walk from the final stop of the Nankai Bus bound for Inunaki via Izumisano Station on the Nankai Main Line or Hineno Station on the JR Hanwa Line
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    Gyojaga-taki waterfall tour ¥50 (maintenance fee)
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