Ishikiri-Tsurugiya Shrine Summer festival 0

A summer ritual to ward off disease by a Mikoshi procession and Taihei shinji ritual

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The Mikoshi procession, Ohei shinji ritual and drum float procession are held on the Saturday and Sunday closest to August 3 and 4 (when Saturday and Sunday fall on August 3 and 4, they are held on the same day of the festival). The Ohei shinji ritual is said that it has begun in the Edo era when prevalent epidemics were disappeared with “Ohei”. White cloth bags called “nademamori” are filled with freshly harvested rice of the year and pieces of paper. These bags then become amulets for curing from diseases after the ritual. In the Mikoshi procession, parishioners whose turn it is to be in charge carry the Mikoshi. The enshrined deity is moved into the Mikoshi which is marching around from the main shrine of Kaminosha and to the residential area of the parishioners. The procession is held to pray for warding off, and purifying sickness together with the Ohei shinji ritual.

  • NAME

    Ishikiri-Tsurugiya Shrine
  • Location

    1-1-1 Higashiishikiricho, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka, 579-8011
  • Directions

    ●15-minute walk from Ishikiri Station on the Kintetsu Nara Line
    ●7-minute walk from Shin-Ishikiri Station on the Kintetsu Higashi Osaka Line
  • Highlight

    August 3
    8:30 Spirit Capital Transfer Ritual
    9:00 Mikoshi Departure
    10:00 Ritual at Kaminosha shrine
    16:00 Mikoshi Arrival
    18:00 Spirit Transfer Ritual
    20:00 Eve Festival
    August 4
    11:00 Annual Festival
    15:00 Ceremony of Ohei Complition
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    Ishikiri-Tsurugiya Shrine
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    The general public are invited for the Eve festival held from 8 p.m. on August 3.
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