Iwawakiji Temple 0

Iwawakiji is an ancient temple located amongst the foothills of Mt. Iwawaki, in a forest of cedars roughly 400 years old. The entire region was selected as one of the 100 Views of Osaka Greenery.

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Located on the rough slopes of Mt. Iwawaki at an elevation of 500 meters, the temple is surrounded on all sides by groves of massive, 400-year-old cedars. The name Iwawaki or "bubbling stones" is said to come from the massive, rocky mountain, which looks as if it is boiling over. It is also renowned as a holy site for Mt. Katsuragi asceticism. The temple itself is said to have been established by legendary mystic En no Ozunu at the order of the 42nd Emperor. Although it began as a Tendai Buddhist temple, Iwawakiji transformed into a Yuzu Nembutsu sect temple in the Meiji era. The temple features a Tahoto tower (an Important Cultural Property) or "tower of many treasures" that was erected in the Warring States period of Japan's history. It also houses the temple's principal object of worship, a statue of the Dainichi Nyorai Buddha seated in the heavenly realm (an Important Cultural Property). The temple grounds are rich in natural beauty as well, with flowering begonias (best around September 1st - 15th) and rhododendrons alongside seasonal mountain wildflowers.