Kawabata Yasunari Literature Monument 0

A literature monument of Kawabata Yasunari who was a writer born in Osaka and got the Nobel Prize for literature. And it's engraved one passage from "Sorihashi".

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A literature monument of Kawabata Yasunari and it's engraved one passage from his work "Sorihashi". It is written "Arched bridge is scarier to go down more than go up. I was holded by mother.". The monument is at the right side of across the arched bridge of the most famous shrine in Osaka・Sumiyoshi shrine. It is known as sailing guardian deity. Kawabata Yasunari(1899-1972) who was a writer and got the Nobel Prize for literature for the first time in Japan and he is known as his work that is poetic summary of the life and death swaying in tension. He spent at his birthplace which was in the corner of the south opposite the restaurant of Osaka Tenmangu until he became 3 years old, then he lost his parents one after another. Then he grew up at grandparents's house at current Ibarakishi shukunosho but grandmother and older sister passed away continuously. So, he and his grandfather were two people living together until he became 16 years old. Giving and taking with grandfather just before death, it is written faithfully on "16-year-old diary". After that, he came up to Tokyo and released masterpieces successively such as, "The Izu Dancer","Snow Country"and so on. He succeed as a writer but his work that is used his hometown Osaka as a main scene is not many, just only "Sorihashi"in Showa 23(1948) and "Sumiyoshi"in Showa 24(1949). Let's go around Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi shrine, and literature monuments in precincts, and let's learn Kawabata Yasunari's literature.