Kawaguchi Christ Church 0

A chapel which was made in settlement for foreigners that established in Kawaguchi district along with the Osaka opening.

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    Admission generally not permitted without advance consultation (only external viewings permitted for sightseeing)

It is located in west ward Kawaguchi district that is at sandbank of between Aji river and Kizu river. o Official name is Japan protestant episcopal church Kawaguchi Christ church. The building which is gothic style and concise design is church that is brick house, and with two-storied building penthouse. There is one chapel, and alter to increase one step floor in the back. Completion was Taisho 9(1920), design was by William Wilson who is American architect. Settlement for foreigners was established in Kawaguchi with the Osaka opening in Keio era 4(1868), and trading company such as 13 companies of England, France, Germany, America, Netherlands, and Belgium set up office. pavement has division for sidewalk and roadway, streetlamp of lamp was lit, eucalyptus's colonnade was sighing, and western-style meal, bread, milk, and laundry store were started from here, Kawaguchi. So Western culture was developing. But the zone was deteriorating gradually because the bottom of a river was shallow, so large ship couldn't go by. The point of trade changed to Kobe port, and foreigners immigrate. This church is the only one building which maintains the vestiges of time that Osaka was opened(registered tangible cultural property).