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A formal Japanese Chisen-kaiyushiki garden (Japanese garden with a pond in the center). During the Taisho Period, it was the garden of the main residence of the Sumitomo family, the wealthy merchants of Osaka. A cultural property designated by Osaka City.

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    Mondays (closed the following day when holidays fall on Monday), New Year holidays (December 29 - January 1)

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A formal Japanese Chisen-kaiyushiki garden (Japanese garden with a pond in the center) within the Tennoji Park. It was donated to Osaka City in the 15th year of the Taisho Period (1926) along with the main residence by Kichizaemon (pen name of Shunsui), the 15th heir of the Sumitomo Family, a wealthy merchant of Osaka since the Edo Period. Centered on a big pond with an island, the garden creates a landscape that is full of variety, with artificial hills in three directions. The walking path, steppingstones and bridges are strategically placed, and there are also a teahouse, a summerhouse, a gazebo, etc. The designer and builder of this garden is Jihei Ogawa, known as Ueji, a famous landscape architect who established the modern landscaping style, and is known for building major gardens such as those of the Kinmochi Saionji residence of Tokyo, Heian Shrine, and Maruyama Park from the mid-Meiji Era to the early Showa Period. This garden was named Keitakuen (with different kanji), reflecting Shunsui's gratitude toward "blessings of his ancestors," but was renamed with the current kanji upon completion. The main building of the Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, which can be seen when looking from the back of the garden towards the entrance, is the main residence of the Sumitomo Family, which was donated at the same time.

  • Location

    1-108 Chausuyamacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka (Tennoji Park)
  • Directions

    5-minute walk from Tennoji Station on the JR Lines and Osaka Metro Midosuji and Tanimachi Lines
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    Adults ¥150, students middle school age or under ¥80

    *Free for students middle school age or under attending schools within Osaka city limits
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