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Konoike Shinden Kaisho is a meeting place for operating shinden (newly developed farmland) established by Zen-emon Munetoshi Konoike the third, a wealthy merchant active in Osaka in the Edo period (1603-1867). The meeting place gives visitors the flavor of the Edo period.

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  • Open

    10:00 - 16:00 (admissions close 15:30)
  • Closed

    Mondays (open if holidays fall on Monday), days following holidays (open weekends)

In the Edo period (1603-1867), Zen-emon Munetoshi Konoike the third, known as a wealthy merchant in Osaka, undertook construction work for redirecting the flow of the Yamato River and developing new farmland (shinden) in various locations. Among the new farmlands developed by him, Konoike shinden, developed in 1705, was the largest one, with an area of about 200 ha. Established in 1707, the Konoike Shinden Kaisho (meeting place) functioned as what is now called a municipal government and a police department. The functions performed by the meeting place included the following: collecting farm tenancy fees from tenant farmers to pay them to the Edo shogunate government; maintaining and repairing agricultural fields, water channels, bridges in the shinden; preparing resident cards; providing elderly persons with pension; conveying messages from the shogunate government and the Konoike family to tenant farmers; and arbitrating disputes. Konoike Shinden Kaisho has a circuit-style garden characterized by the use of the natural scenery around it. In addition, it has a main building, a rice storehouse (designated as national important cultural assets) and other important buildings that give visitors the flavor of the Edo period. These buildings were once used as venues for filming period dramas, and now they occasionally serve as venues for special exhibitions and lecture meetings.

  • Location

    〒 578-0974 2-30 Konoikemotomachi, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka
  • Directions

    5-minute walk from Konoikeshinden Station on the JR Gakkentoshi Line
  • Price

    Adults ¥300, middle school students and under ¥200
    *¥50/person discount for groups of 20 or more
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