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Kotokuji is an ancient temple that even contributed to the name of its location, Karindoobata. A temple of the Otani sect of Shin Buddhism, its principal object of worship is an image of the Amida Nyorai Buddha.

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Originally built as an Imperial temple by the monks of Enryakuji Temple on the orders of Japan's 64th Emperor, it was later burned down in a conflict between the monks of Kofukuji and Enryakuji Temples. Only its Karindo structure survived. When the monk Shunen of Onjoji Temple later visited the site, he saw the statue of the Amida Nyorai Buddha revered at the Karindo. In 1228, he petitioned Japan's 86th Emperor to restore the temple, and named it Kotokuji. In time, Shunen would go on to join the Senshu Nembutsu school and become a disciple of the monk Shinran. The current main hall dates back roughly 250 years, while the main gate was constructed 270 years ago. The location name Karindoobata draws from the Karindo hall that once stood here.

  • address

    1346 Karindoobata, Kashiwara-shi, Osaka, 582-0012
  • transport

    30-minute walk from Kawachi-Katakami Station on the JR Yamatoji Line
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  • general participation

    Ho-onko memorial ritual, Kaiki-e ordainments, Eitaikyo services for the departed in perpetuity, Shusho-e purification ceremonies