Kyu-Kurodahan Kurayashiki Nagayamon (Old Kuroda Clan Long Storage Gatehouse) 0

This Osaka Prefecture-registered Tangible Cultural Property was once the front gate to the Kuroda Clan’s kurayashiki (storehouse/residence).

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During the Edo period, Osaka was known as the kitchen of the nation: It was the commercial, transportation, and financial center of Japan. Goods from every domain were gathered and sold here only to once again be sent out across Japan or, through Nagasaki, exported to countries overseas. Many domains held a kurayashiki (a clan’s residence for storing and trading) in what is now the Nakanoshima area, stretching along the Dojima, Edobori, and Tosabori Rivers. The number of kurayashiki began to grow in the Genroku era (1688–1705), and by the Tempo era (1830–1844) it is said there were 124 of them here. By the time the feudal domains were abolished and replaces with prefectures in 1916, their number had risen to 135. The Kyu-Kurodahan Kurayashiki Nagayamon (the Kuroda Clan ruled over Fukuoka Domain) is one of very few relic kurayashiki left over from the mid-Edo period. Once neighbor to the present Nakanoshima Mitsui Building, in 1933 when the Mitsui Corporation was constructing said building they donated the structure to the city. At present, the gatehouse is preserved on the south side of the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts in Tennoji Park.