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Mandaike(pond) legend of demon slaying of Prince Shotoku is left to its name. Calm park that migratory bird and people can relax.

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A few minutes walk to the east from Tezukayama 3-chome station of Hankai Uemachi Line. Total area 4.3ha park of that spread around the Mandai pond of around about 700 meters. According to the Sumiyoshi village magazine that has been published in 1927 (1927), long time ago, mysterious monsters lived in Mandai pond, had been bothering people, but Prince Shotoku sent people from Shitennoji, and let them to read the sutras, then monsters no longer appeared. At that time, the sutras was called Mandara, but the name changed to Manda pond imperceptibly. Current manda pond park has play equipment for kid, there is the place of recreation and relaxation for citizens who enjoy of radio gymnastic exercises and walking. It's crowded with local blossom viewers in the time of the cherry blossoms. Wild bird fans gather to come to see for migratory birds in winter.

  • Location

    〒 558-0055 3 Mandai, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka
  • Directions

    3-minute walk from Tezukayama 3-chome Station on the Hankai Uemachi Line
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