Monuments Engraved with Basho's Poetry (Tamagawa no Sato) 0

"Unohanaya Kurakiyanagino Oyobigoshi" Utsugi(Japanese snowflower) blooms every early summer in Tamagawa no Sato.

    A monument that is engrved Matsuo Basho's(poet) haiku"Unohanaya Kurakiyanagino Oyobigoshi".  The haiku was composed when Basho often visited Osaka and Kyoto fro his hometown Igaueno ( Iga city for now). This monument that is engrved Basho's haiku which was built in the south of Tamagawa bridge to Tamagawa's village. It has a special feature which is caved inimitable of the form of a character in Tempou era 14 years (1843). Tamagawa River in Takatsuki is counted one of the "Mutamagawa"as "Tamagawa River of Settsunokuni Mshima" with Yamashiro province, and Omi province's Tamagawa. It is scenic area that was composed for poems from old days. "Unohana"(the Japanese name is Japanese snow flower/flower in Takatsuki) blooms in May? June at Tamagawa's village in Settsunokuni Mishima is known as old poem and a place famed in poetry from Heian era, and enter at haiku and senryu in Edo era. It's nice to walk along Tamagawa River to give your heart to Basho in early summer when snow flowers bloom white flower.